Party Add-Ons and FAQ


1. Add an additional craft! We can make cupcake bead necklaces, cupcake keychains, or a theme-specific craft. $5 per child
2. PIZZA! We offer large cheese or pepperoni pizzas to be served at your celebration. Please order in advance, and we'll provide the plates and napkins.  $15 per pizza.
3. Party favors! Nothing makes guests feel more special than getting the keys to the candy shop. We have adorable mini candy jars with that they can fill themselves from the bulk candy jars! $5 per jar 
4. Custom candy. Create a theme, we'll find the candy and present a beautifully themed candy buffet. Prices start at $150+
5. Carafes of Coffee.  $25 per carafe will yield approximately twelve 8oz cups. 
6. Mini cupcakes for your guests to snack on.
7. Open tab at the espresso bar.  Let your guests order whatever coffee drink they fancy, we'll add the tab to your final checkout.


How may I reserve the room?
We require party payment to hold your event time.  This is the minimum cost for rental of the room, and will be deducted from the total on the event day should you wish to have add ons or bring additional participants.  
Can I book in the shop, or phone in my reservation?
All reservations are made through the website, as our online calendar has the most up-to-date availability.  Until the deposit is made, we cannot confirm your reservation.
I booked my reservation months in advance, will you confirm my party closer to the event date?
A party coordinator will phone you 2-3 days prior to the event to finalize any last minute details and obtain a head count. Additionally, you will receive an email reminder.  
How many children can I invite?
We can seat up to 15 children comfortably, but have accommodated up to 20 upon special request.  If you'll be bringing more than 15 children, please call us first to determine that we have the staff available to provide the service needed for that many children.  Keep in mind, busy hands are better behaved, so for larger parties let's be sure to incorporate plenty of fun activities.
What if I bring more than 12 guests?
Parties include up to 12 participants.  Additional participants for decorating parties are $15 p/p for decorating baking parties.
Do parents count as guests?
Only participants (decorators, bakers) count towards your included 12 guests. However, parents of children 5 & under often opt to stay, so please include that in your space planning.
Will my guests have parking?
We have plenty of dedicated parking here at the shop, please look for the spaces labeled "CUPCAKE SHOP."  Please do not park in the numbered and permitted spaces in the front lot, they are not under our control and the towing company does patrol the lot.
I saw photos of party room decorations on your site. Can I request having those at my party?
We provide basic white napkins & cups, you are welcome to bring more festive gear if you'd like.  Some parents bring themed tableware and wall decorations, though our space is quite colorful so this is optional.  If you'll be bringing anything to the party that has to be hung from the walls, please plan on bringing removable adhesive to hang them.  Packing tape, duct tape, nails and staples are not permitted on our walls.  Please also plan to leave enough time to remove your decorations prior to departing.
Can I bring outside food?
If you have rented the private party room, absolutely. We understand that sometimes you may want to provide snacks and drinks to guests that we do not offer in the store. If we don't sell it,  you are welcome to bring it.  Our current offerings for parties include pizza, coffee, sodas, mini cupcakes & candy.  We regret we cannot allow outside food to be served in the main space during "DYO" parties.
I have a lot to setup. Can I come an hour early?
Please feel free to arrive 20 minutes early for your party, but understand that we may still be cleaning and preparing the room from an earlier event.  We will do our best to get you set up as soon as possible, but we have plenty of room in the open seating area for you to hang out.
Can I bring a craft or extra activity to decorating or baking parties in the private room?
Of course! Our one request is that if you wouldn't let your children do it on your own furniture, it may not be appropriate for sweethaus. Painting crafts can become quite messy and stain our floors, walls and furniture, so please ensure your craft is age and skill appropriate.  If it involves paint or glue, please plan on bringing cloths to protect our furniture.  Please also let your party host know before the event so they can adjust the schedule accordingly.
One of our guests has a gluten/egg/peanut allergy, can you provide special items for them?
Sweethaus is not a gluten-free, nut-free nor dairy-free bakery.  While we do offer no-gluten-added, no-nuts-added and no-dairy-added cupcakes, we do not recommend these items for those with severe allergies, as we cannot guarantee against cross contamination. Any special requests must be made at least one week prior to the event.
Can we open presents in our party?
Opening presents at sweethaus is always welcome! The room is yours for 1.5 hours, you may use the time any way that you wish.  However, we request that you let your party host know in advance so they may adjust their schedule. We have plenty of room in the open seating area for you to open presents should you need more time than the 1.5 hours for which the private room is guaranteed. 
Are your parties just for kids?
No way!  In fact, we sometimes wonder who gets a bigger kick out of playing with frosting and decorations...
Can you explain exactly how a DYO party differs from a private room party?
DYO parties are a simple way to enjoy the fun of cupcake decorating without the assistance of sweethaus staff.  We'll drop off your sweets and decorations, as well as "to-go" containers if requested.  We cannot add on crafts, pizzas or additional services to DYO parties.  We do not supply any tablecloths, drinks, crafts, etc for the DYO party.  
Should I tip my party host?
Gratuity is not required, though parents often ask us if it is customary.  You are welcome to leave gratuity if you feel you have received exceptional service, and we ask that you do so in cash or check as we are unable to add it to the credit card at this time.
Can you just charge my balance on the card I used when I booked my party?
For added security, your card details are encrypted when we receive payment, so unfortunately we do not have it on file. Please plan on checking out with the cashier up front on your way out using the form your party host will provide at the end of the party.